Musical Instruments Made of Food [Videos]

I don’t know if there’s a lesson here, but making a clarinet out of a carrot and what appears to be a small funnel is really kind of impressive. Live-loop that bad boy and you’ve got a show, which is what Linsey Pollack gives us here:

Somewhat more discordant but no less inventive, this man built a trumpet from a cucumber, a carrot, and a bell pepper. (He’s speaking Japanese, but this music is universally weird.)

See heita3’s YouTube channel for other videos featuring the broccoli ocarina, radish slide whistle, and Welsh onion flute, as well as tutorials for making your own. (Yay?)

Heita3 was reportedly inspired by the Vegetable Orchestra, a Viennese group who explore “the acoustic universe of roots and legumes.”

If you like the Vegetable Orchestra, their third CD, Onionoise, is available on iTunes. It is a self-described “aural voyage through phantasmagorical continents of sound and imaginary gardens.” How can you not want that?


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