Star Wars Rear Window Sticker



8 Responses to Star Wars Rear Window Sticker

  1. Cool, but if that causes accidents cause of visually cannot see behind you at all, then its the coolest-stupidest thing ever!

  2. Way cool. It looks as if you can see inside the car. Officers really care about being able to see inside. Now inside looking out the back if you can see and the star field is only viewable from the outside then you might be in the clear. You would need to check you local laws. Where can I get this?

  3. To all you haters being all "herp derp illegal derp". If you look closely you can see into the interior of the car, as well as the windshield…

    Chances are, its probably more see through looking through the other way… or something.

    Illegal or no, I want this for my ride.

    Bitches don't know about my hyperdrive…. or my wookie copilot

    • If you look closely…you can barely see any of the interior at all. You would need bright lights to fix that problem. So at night time…

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