Classic Video Game Deaths [Video]

Hey old school video games geeks! Can you identify all games featured in this video?

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14 Responses to Classic Video Game Deaths [Video]

  1. I used to play five of them, that I am sure of… I only remember the name of one, which was Arkanoid… but hey, that’s not so bad for having been born in ‘ 93, is it…?

  2. I was born in 94, and I do remember playing at least 10 of them, sadly I just can remember the name of 3 or 4, but hey, I was just a Little kid when I played them.

    And I actually can recognize some other 4 or 5 games, but I have never played them, still I know them cause I'm wanna be a game developer, and most if this games are classic examples/tutorials

  3. I can honestly say that, regardless of the number of games I recognized from this video, I absolutely loved it solely for hearing Mad World remixed in an eight-bit style. Whoever did the music, I send you a universal kudos.

  4. I too don't recognize most of them. I guess the one who posted this is a real game addict to know all of that. Advise to you bro, don't get hooked too much or you'll regret it in the end. Video Games are fun but too much of it will ruin your life. BIG TIME.

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