Unlock most cardkey door control systems with Caribou

Need to access that top secret military installation so you can use its Stargate to travel at the other end of the galaxy? No problems! All you need is an Android-based phone and the Caribou app!

[Caribou Android App | Via [H]]


4 Responses to Unlock most cardkey door control systems with Caribou

  1. Because of course, all card access systems have clearly marked IP addresses and port numbers, as well as the local network WiFi AP name and key printed in a convenient location… umm… o.O

    As a guy with a little experience seeing the "back-end" of these systems, 'tis laughable as a "OMG real hack!", but enjoyable as fiction. Protip: most systems don't have IP addresses, the ones I've seen are really quite proprietary systems with a "central" control board that connects to a phone line, and gets updated, monitored, and controlled by a main PC over a modem connection. Some more modern systems use TCP/IP, but you don't think they'd make that stuff so easy to "tap and hack", do you? Multiple layers of security… encryption on the protocol as well as password-protected configuration. Not just "tap and hack"…

    And I was hoping this would be an Android proximity-card replacement app. I do get tired of waving my hip at the card reader to scan my access card in my wallet…

  2. this reminds me of the tennisball with a hole in to open car door…. if it has a ip, perhaps his friend is remote opening it from the computer that controls it…. if not, how did he get the ip ? and did the owner of the door post his ip and portnumber, and password to the system on the gate ? … and if so.. did he do so because he always forgets it -.-

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