Suckerpunching Princesses

As a father to a little girl that’s about the right age for Disney Princesses, I’ve been doing my best to keep her interested in things like dinosaurs, Toy Story, and Sesame Street instead.  But if the Princesses were as cool as the women in the upcoming Suckerpunch, maybe I wouldn’t mind if my daughter had a few dolls around the house.

Thankfully, someone had the foresight to cut together clips  from the various Princess movies to coincide with the audio from the latest Suckerpunch trailer.  And it is awesome!

Check it out.


3 Responses to Suckerpunching Princesses

  1. Not to rain on the parade, but as a female geek who survived my childhood liking BOTH dinosaurs AND Disney Princesses, and whose fault it is that my father likes Pixar as much as I do (I was super uber excited as a ten year old when the very first all-computer-animated feature length film was released, and I watched all of the Disney channel exclusive clips a thousand times trying to figure out how to convince my dad to take me), I would like to point out that your daughter can be as girly as she wants and still be a science geek.

    Personally, I was able to out-science all of my male friends until college when I went the liberal arts route.

  2. Repressing your girl's femininity is likely to backfire on you bigtime. Let girls be girls… I had both really gross experiment-y toys and barbie dolls too. Kids need balance. I played dressup and house and still found fascination with human anatomy, rocks, and dinosaurs too. When she goes through the rebellious teenage stage the last thing you want is for her to have felt repressed about anything, because she'll take it overboard. Your house will be covered in pink frills.

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