Cosplay Fail: Silver Surfer [Picture]



13 Responses to Cosplay Fail: Silver Surfer [Picture]

  1. Ok, I realize this fails as a Silver Surfer costume, but that aside, I'm impressed. I tried wrapping myself in foil one time for Halloween one time and nothing I did would keep the foil in place and in tact long enough for me to secure it. So it isn't as easy as it looks.

    BTW, I was attempting to take a suggestion from the "Casper" movie.. "Why don't you wrap yourself in foil and go as a leftover?" As I indicated, it didn't work for me.

  2. These "fails" are even more awesome in some ways than someone making a legit looking costume. These are at least, humorous (as I believe they are intended to be),.

  3. This is what happens when you go oh so far with the comic world. Obsession means a major Fail! I think he is not cosplaying the Silver Surfer, he looks more like foiled roasted chicken.

  4. ok, not the best silver surfer costume, but definitely the best one i've seen for under 50 bucks (excluding the board, but maybe it's just a cushion?)

  5. This answers the question of, "If silver surfer and terminator had a baby…" HAha Still a half-assed job if u ask me….I'm embarrased as a fellow black guy…u almost never see a black guy in public that doesn't have his wardrobe on lock.