The Heroes of the North: Canadian Superheroes to the Rescue!

It’s not often that I have the occasion to cover geek-worthy subjects that are local to me, so today, I have the pleasure of presenting to you one awesome web show that is produced right here near where I live, in Montreal, Quebec.

Welcome to the world of the Heroes of the North, an online show retelling the fight against evil of a team of Canadian superheroes enrolled in a secret division of the Canadian Government named the CDO (Canadian Defense Organization). What makes the show so special is that it is told through various online medium, “including 20 live action webisodes, 8 comic books, a diary, video games (coming soon!), characters tech sheets, characters facebook pages, and many universe related websites.” Even if the acting is somewhat average/good (it depends on the character), the quality of the production, the costumes, and the interesting storyline more than makes up for this.

I’ll let you guys check the trailer out (below), and when you’re done, be sure to visit the show’s website to watch the episodes that have been released so far.

[The Heroes of the North]

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