135-Piece Cube Transforms into Functioning Gun [Video]

I’ll be the first to admit that guns make me nervous. I am not a fan. But this cubic sculpture dismantles into 135 pieces, which in another configuration create a working .45 caliber muzzle-loading pistol—that’s pretty awesome. To be clear, not every part of the puzzle is a component of the finished gun assembly. However, contained within the cube are custom tools to assemble the piece, bullets, standard and laser sights, black powder pellets and a storage compartment.

Dubbed the Intimidator, the cube-turned-weapon was created by artist GarE Maxton, a process that took over a year to complete. The puzzle cube (which throws a bit of an AllSpark vibe) comprises six different metals and opens with a magnetic key, which then allows the parts to be separated and reassembled. The video below shows the process.

And, in finished form:



15 Responses to 135-Piece Cube Transforms into Functioning Gun [Video]

  1. This is just stupid. There is zero practical reason to put a gun in a puzzle.
    It's just an excuse to give people more weapons. It runs what would otherwise be an amazing puzzle.

      • I agree with Jessica. I would further say that fear typically comes from the unknown. I would suggest the author of the article find a responsible gun owner and spend some time on the range becoming familiar with how guns work. Who knows you just might find a new hobby. I will say that just a few years ago I would have agreed completely with the anti gun statements. After becoming familiar with them and finding that I enjoy the challenge of putting holes in paper from 50 yards I have completely changed my opinion.

  2. If you really want to upset him, simply hide the smallest part in the puzzle you can find and wait to see his re-action when he resembles it :)

    • hate to be the grammar nazi, but……reassembles it.

      although it would be funny if he actually resembled it ;)

  3. I agree, this gun has the cool parts and a "suck" part. The cool part is having a gun that could be formed into a cube. The "suck" part is having a gun that could be formed into a cube. That's all.

  4. Why would a gun make you nervous?

    Hoplophobia is the irrational fear of inanimate objects – I think you are a sufferer.