Nintendo 3DS launch games unveiled

A combination of official announcements and leaks has brought further details about the games available for the Nintendo 3DS, which launches this weekend in Japan and next month in other markets.

There’ll be five games preloaded on the console, which look to be mini-games designed mainly to show off the technology. The line-up includes a table game that’s a cross between pool and minigolf; a fishing game; and a “graffiti” tool that converts your artwork into 3D images.

There’s also a “game” in which you use the 3DS camera to photograph a card or cards featuring a Nintendo characters, with the console screen appearing to show the characters appearing on your table; a separate game does the same with the Mii caricature system first seen on the Wii. I can’t see these being fun for more than a few seconds.

Nintendo will also have three full-blown games for sale: flying game Pilotwings Resort, a submarine strategy game Steel Diver, and a 3D version of the Nintendogs series.

There will be a further 13 third-party games, which are mainly 3D-enhanced versions of existing franchised, including Lego Star Wars, Street Fighter, The Sims, Pro Evolution Soccer and Madden NFL football.

As for backwards compatibility, the 3DS should play all existing DS games except for those that need the Game Boy Advance slot. With that in mind, several retailers are offering some decent trade in deals in the $50-$150 discount range for previous DS models.

It’s also emerged that there’ll be a physical “3D slider” on the console that will allow users to quickly adjust the intensity of the 3D effect, from maximum right down to completely off.