The rise of personal robots [Video]

As a grad student, Cynthia Breazeal wondered why we were using robots on Mars, but not in our living rooms. The key, she realized: training robots to interact with people. Now she dreams up and builds robots that teach, learn — and play. Watch for amazing demo footage of a new kids’ game.


2 Responses to The rise of personal robots [Video]

  1. This is really one of the coolest things I've seen! Leonardo is really cute! I think this person is really genius! I can't wait to see a robot doing the dishes! Please I need one! lol

  2. nice stan winston helped on leo, he helped make the predator too. so cool leo was really cool and the whole presentation was very interesting, i liked the interactive game idea too, i just hope she doesnt call the company skynet or we'll be in trouble

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