M.C. Escheresque Waterfall [Video]

I’m pretty sure there’s some kind of trick or optical illusion behind the video, but I can’t put my finger on it. Anyone here cares to elaborate on the reason why the water seems to go up the device?

[Via Neatorama]


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  1. I do believe the secret is that the waterfall is not actually falling back onto the ramp but onto the floor behind it. Other than that it is just a trick of angles and having the ramp slope downhill while appearing to be going uphill… incredible use of the illusion though.

    • I agree, the waterfall tower is the seam of the illusion, the zig zags are a slight downward slope. after that, there must be some kind of pump to get the water to the top of the waterfall.

  2. if you look closer you see that this is not a ramp. The tower is on the same plane with the wheel. However the corners have 90 degrees so it has to be some kind of illusion.

  3. I see it! If you try and picture it sideways, youll see that the third and fourth upright post are the ones giving the illusion of height. Try and picutre it as if you were looking at it sitting next to the buckets.

  4. OK, got it. The water is running onto the floor at the end of the ramp and the bottom half of the farthest left support is a twist on the classic "faucet suspended in mid air".

  5. The water actually travels downhill, almost to the door on the back wall, it is then pumped back to the front and up the poles (notice how high the base is in the front, right below the wheel, that's where the pump is) , the rest is just extremely well crafted poles to fit the angle of the camera.. Still really cool illusion.

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