Eternity Defined [Comic]

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  1. It's even better in the UK, as there's an amazing ad on all 20th Century Fox DVDs, utterly unskippable, that lectures you about how you wouldn't steal a car, or a purse, or a CD, and piracy is theft and just as bad. Yes, but if I pirated you, I wouldn't have to put up with your stupid lecture in how doing what I haven't is bad, would I?

    • Actually, what's even better that THAT, is that the music for that video? They didn't have the right to use it, so technically what they were doing was piracy!

  2. They are correct as far as most of us wouldn't steal a car, but if you were offered an identical version of an Audi R8 for a fraction of the cost it would be hard to turn down…

  3. It is like the no smoking ads, after one I always want a cigarette. If you ad up all the times I have been told to not pirate movies (Which I don't anyway), then I kinda want to because I have already "done the time". Do the time, do the crime?

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