Cooler-Than-You Guy: Then and Now




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  1. LOL, ooops, that's me. I've always thought Facebook was for the socially arrested or children. I also simply prefer anonymity. If I were single without enought things to keep me busy it might be a different story . . .

  2. My friend, who is obviously cooler than me, instantly hated on one of his favorite things, when I knew it was being made into a movie before he did. He even refused to see the movie when it came out.

  3. Jeff's is so practical. But why not use Facebook to at least get some virtual friends. LOL. Or play some Farmville and let it suck your time until you won't be able to go to work and don't have money and don't have food and don't have shelter and…be a zombie! LOL

  4. LOL @ I'm not even on facebook. that's like half of my friends who pretty much closed their accounts or refused to join regardless of the One thousand and one invitations I send per week ROFL … call me uncool.i SO MUCH RATHER INBOX THAN BE ON THE PHONE THOUGH lol

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