Gandalf or Dumbledore?

One of the most hilarious facebook update picture I’ve been given to read. So what do you guys think now? Gandalf or Dumbledore?

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  1. The "LIKE A BOSS" line killed me. I have to confess to never having read or seen a Harry Potter book or film, so naturally Gandalf wins anyway.

  2. Yeah as above or below (whichever it may be) I have to agree with batman's views. I hated the LotR books because they dragged on awfully but damn Gandolf was a damn ghetto stomper till the end and again after that. Dumbledore never really did a lot really.

  3. Gandalf, because even before LOTR he was kicking ass, I mean in the hobbit Gandalf grabs a sword made in Gondolin that was made to kill goblins, he saves the dwarves from some rock trolls by tricking them into arguing till the sun comes up, he then saves them again from the goblins, calls on the Eagles to fly them away from the goblins when the worg riders catch up (did I mention Gandalf killed the Great Goblin?) where he takes them to his friend's house, the house of a guy who turns into a fucking bear and who hangs out with other actual bears (and not gayfag bears either), then gets them to the forest while he goes and looks into the "necromancer" who was rising in the south of Mirkwood (Sauron), then comes back to warn the dwarves, elves and men who are about to hack each other up over treasure that the Goblins have massed for war. Oh yeah, he got his eagle friends to come back to help the armies of good defeat the Goblins. What did Dumbledore do beyond take it up the butt?

  4. Dumbledore, just because The Joker didn't jump in by diminishing Gandolf's role into a single paragraph, then over exaggerating Dumbledore role in a MUCH larger, one sided argument, doesn't mean Dumbledore wouldn't put Gandalf on a street corner in a fight.

    • Dumbledore? You mean the old ass man who takes it up the butt is going to defeat a maiar who defeated a Balrog (a maiar of fire who was corrupted by Melkor ere Ea the world that is was formed)? The maiar who killed the Great Goblin? The Maiar who with staff and sword had fought the along the length and breadth of Middle Earth, going far into the South and into the East, long before Sauron arose again?

      Nonsense and twaddlecock.

      • Dumbledore wouldn't need such blunt instruments, he would bring about the Balrogs end through Machiavellian manipulation of the Balrog and those around it.

        Fists are for losers, like Gandolf,
        Brains are for winners, like Dumbledore.

        • That is the single stupidest thing I have ever heard, it is obvious that you have never read the books… a mortal man, or indeed a Valar or Maiar could not manipulate a Balrog. The only person that had any control over a Balrog was Melkor the Morgoth, and he's exiled beyond the walls of night.

          And no, Dumbeldore would have been destroyed by the Balrog, end of story: after all, he couldn't even stop Voldemort.

        • Ummm, he did stop Volemort, and I have ready the books. If brains before brawn is the stupidest thing you have ever heard, then I pity you my small friend.

  5. The Harry Potter fans obviously only ever watched Gandalf in films, or read the most popular books about Middle Earth, because while Dumbledore can cast magic, and is a Wizard, he is still just a human.

    If you read the Silmarillion, you learn that Gandalf only appears to be human, while in fact he is a Maia. Something more like an angel, with only the Valar and the creator, Ilúvatar, being more powerful in the universe of Middle Earth.

    • Yes, but does that not give him an unfair advantage? Being like an angel?

      Dumbledore was a normal wizard. An exceptional one at that, but mortal. He died, knowing he would stay dead. He made mistakes, I'll admit that, but doesn't every human do that? He is a great representative of good vs evil. Sure, he is tempted as a young man, but who isn't tempted once in their life? He realizes his weakness to power, and REFUSES the option of power when people want him as minister.

      He lived through intense pain. He kept himself alive with the plan that Snape would get the wand… Of course, Draco messed that up. His hand was DEAD and he lived with it. And he could've have been the one that killed his sister… intense emotional pain at its best.

      His plan was carried out even after his death. He had people so loyal to him, that they died for him and Snape was so loyal, he killed him. Not only was he kick butt in battle (He defeated Grindlewald, who had the ELDER wand.), he had brains, which is better than brawn any day or the week. (This sight is for geeks, isn't that common knowledge) He discovered 12 uses of dragon's blood, and helped created the Philosopher's stone. Which gave him the choice to live forever… but he didn't.

      And lastly, he was on a Chocolate Frog Card. My arguement is finished.

  6. I've read all the LoTR novels as well as all the Harry Potter novels. Now, taken side-by-side, the clear winner is Gandalf. Of course I love Dumbledore, but there's no way he can stand up to a dude to came back from the dead, killed a demi-god, and saved the whole freakin' world by using a Hobbit. A HOBBIT!

  7. I've read all the LoTR novels as well as all the Harry Potter novels. Now, taken side-by-side, the clear winner is Gandalf. Of course I love Dumbledore, but there's no way he can stand up to a dude to came back from the dead, killed a demi-god, and saved the whole freakin' world by using a Hobbit. A HOBBIT!

      • An angsty, easy-to-manipulate teen with serious magical talent is a much more effective tool than a Hobbit whose only special ability is stronger-than-usual willpower.

        • Harry was being manipulated constantly throughout all of the books. After Frodo chose to take the ring he had free will to do as he pleased. The only thing ever asked of him was to get it to Rivendell

  8. All this needless argument. Don't you all realize that they are one and the same? Gandalf made a quick trip back from the Grey Havens AS Dumbledore! He just had to tone it down a bit on a bet with Elrond. ;)

  9. Two diff wizards. One is a teacher and the other was specifically created to be a war-mage. Similar to my famous arguement of which Joker is better? Nicholson or Ledger? I say two completely different characters from two drastically different interpretations. They cannot be compared.

  10. Gandalf. If you read HP7 you already know Dumbledore was not so good some years ago, and he constantly makes serious mistakes. There we have poor Harry thinking Dumbledore hates him, or Dumbledore drinking venom and becoming a crazy old man… Ok, he is not always that bad. He proves to be a good powerful man after all.
    But hey, Gandalf is much more than him in every good way!

  11. Im a Fan of LotR ans also fan of Harry potter…and i have to say for 1 million reasons already mentioned that Gandalf > Dumbledore. Did i said ive read all books ever to be read regarding both fandoms.

  12. I must say Batman's opinion basically surrounds with the fact that Gandalf can come back to life over and over again. But this doesn't change the fact this advantage can't help him win a duel with Dumbledore.
    What's funny is that Dumbledore never needs to talk to a stupid moth to escape, he can simply use apparition to go anywhere he want, without a wand if necessary.

  13. Batman did make a very good argument but he failed to present a lot of the facts about Dumbledore and really talked up Gandalf … Heres the thing Dumbledore "purged" the world of evil 3 times … once against gregorovitch where he obtained the elder wand… and twice against voldemort … on the 3rd time yes he did die… but his plan still worked so he was able to win a war by only using words… he told harry everything he needed to know ( which was leaving him in the dark about a lot) in order to defeat voldemort … not to mention that if dumbledor had been in lord of the rings he could have just disaparated to moredore and thrown the ring in … it would have made for a really short boring movie but he would have saved thousands of lives

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