Husband is a Level 85 Shaman [Pic]

Level 85 shaman, you win! :)

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  1. An addiction is anything that interferes with the more important things in your life. Obviously his 3 hr/day WoW habit is interfering with his relationship with his wife. If he's working 40 hrs, and gaming 15-20 hrs, I'm guessing he's neglecting exercise, home maintenance, and other real life activities. WoW is a low-return time-investment. Conservatively figuring 1000 hours/year, he could have learned a language, mastered an instrument, written a book…or at least built some memories with his life partner.

    • Because, you know, the average American totally uses all their time productively and not sitting in front of a TV or tossing back beers or whatever.

      • And those things are just as annoying and destructive, for the most part… :/

        Nothing against WoW, but 3-4 hours EVERY night does seem extreme. An hour or so a day should be good, with an extra few hours on weekends for raids. *shrug*

        • u say and hour or so a night but u dont realise that in game activates take alot longer than that i have played for about 5yrs now and have been with my wife for a yr we have a 2month old son and i have 2 accounts one main account and one that is my friends when he decides to play and my wife dosent mind me play warcraft for a few hours a night on a norm session i will play about 5hrs but i will feed my soon and cook dinner at the same time as playing wow so this woman need to be more flax-able and maybe play the game first to realise what takes her partner so long on the game

        • I might have actually read all of that, but I stopped at the 'dosent'. I'm surprised I made it that far, to be honest.

          I suppose all that time on the computer didn't help your spelling. I'm even more surprised someone would want to breed with an illiterate… I don't believe you are old enough to marry with that spelling. XD

    • His 3-4 hours of playing a night isn't interfering with his relationship. She admits it herself, he spends time with her, they go out, he works a steady job and provides for them. The problem is all in her own mind. A prejudice against games because she believes them to be childish. If he was completely absorbed in the game, that'd be a problem with him. As it is, sounds like she's just doing the whole "I love you, you're perfect, now change" thing.

      • She’s just mad she has no valid point of leaving him or going out partying like a little teenager with her “girls”.

        Girl got owned big time and is looking for sympathy… but the internet is cruel which again resulted in her being owned.

      • She’s just mad she has no valid point of leaving him or going out partying like a little teenager with her “girls”.

        Girl got owned big time and is looking for sympathy… but the internet is cruel which again resulted in her being owned.

      • She's just mad she has no valid point of leaving him or going out partying like a little teenager with her "girls".

        Girl got owned big time and is looking for sympathy… but the internet is cruel which again resulted in her being owned.

  2. If he is constantly putting the game before her, then yeah, that would be a problem, but honestly, it just seems like she wishes he had a more socially acceptable hobby. "He shouldn't be playing a 'game' like he's in high school."

    Also her assuming that he should only play an hour at a time is kind of silly and shows she hasn't tried to understand his hobby. I mean, would she seriously say "You can totally go watch the football game with your buddies but you have to be back in an hour!" No, that's silly, because everyone knows football takes longer than that. But, spending 3 hours watching football is more socially acceptable than 3 hours playing WoW.

    A better compromise would be to play only 2 nights a week for 3-4 hours at a time, instead of each night for just 1 hour at a time.

  3. You are breaking my heart, wifey. My husband plays 8-10 hours a day. So much better than playing with a secretary or other office worker. He is right next to me as I am playing my own on line game. Get a grip

  4. The power of the internet. I wouldn't be surprised if all the folks voting for the husband just did so she would shut up and they wouldn't lose an important raid buddy, after all a shaman is great addition to any party. Especially one that games 3-4 hours a day.

    I play an MMO as well, but my schedule is usually arrive home at 4:00 and boot up computer, play from 4:30 to 7:00, log off immediately at 7 and go do my homework, eat dinner, do chores, and then sleep at 9:00, then wake up at 5:00 for JROTC drill practice. And that's not all, I'm a straight A student. I wouldn't be surprised if I am still playing around 3 hours a day even when I'm older, because I pick a responsible window for it so as not to interfere with anything else. My gf is worse though, she plays for 5 hours when she gets home, except its usually left 4 dead or mass effect. We don't mind though.

  5. I play wow and trust me only 3-4 hours a night is nothing. I play for hours every day and I still manage to do really well in school and have a good social life.

  6. She should play with him! Me and my smoochie face both play WoW and not only is it another thing we can talk about, it's another thing we can do together.

  7. *Shrugs.* Maybe it's just me… But, I grew out of spending a lot of time in online games awhile ago. I've played WoW, FFXI, EQ, Guild Wars, Perfect World, FFXIV, and DC Universe.
    It really amazes me how I could play an online game for hours at a time on a regular basis years ago and how people do it now.
    Honestly, I agree with "NotATroll" on a lot of points. There are more important things to do than play a game that effectively yields nothing but wasted time.
    I'd much rather spend time with someone I care about than a game whether it's online or offline.
    For those people that actually play with their significant others, it's not 'as' bad. At least they're building memories with each other at the same time. =)
    tom666 on the other hand needs to pick up a book now and then. I mean, really… You can't even spell simple words like realize, activities, or flexible among others? How do you expect to raise a child and teach them anything if you don't know it yourself?

    • Studies have actually shown that playing these games yields a sense of accomplishment, which is the exact same feeling one gets when doing or making something tangible in the 'real'world. These games actually improve social skills — for the most part — and self confidence.

      And as to tom666's spelling: leave off, it's the internet and not a dissertation. Not spelling on here when you are in a hurry proves exactly nothing. And it has no effect on what he can teach his child.

      Saying all that, I haven't played for years and I do think playing that much is excessive, but each to his/her own.

      My best friend who is a stay at home dad going to college part-time was given Tuesdays from 1630 for Christmas from his girlfriend, just so he can go on raids with his guild. He plays at other times as well and he does a damned fine job of raising his two children.

      • Yes, it yields a sense of accomplishment that accomplishes nothing. I know all about the great feeling of getting that 'uber-rare' piece of loot… I also know that it is a colossal waste of time and money when all is said and done.
        Improving social skills, eh? Do you mean like how you could improve social skills while socializing with and doing activities with people in person?
        Yeah, because he was in such a hurry that he "couldn't remember" how to spell simple words. I could see that being in a hurry might explain the complete lack of punctuation and capitalization, but it certainly isn't an excuse for the rest.

  8. If I may interject, humans and animals enter the world with distinct temperances and atomical builds. Of course, this is a product of decoded heritable traits. In this instance, the husband should be crossed-reference to depict pathological patterns of skepticism. Ergo, once skeptism is apparent and confirmed, regretion sets in. That's an abstraction of "Psychology 101" which is the body and fruit of the following defined key variable: Operate within parameters you desire bearing in mind the conseqences that follow. As an example, my life is school, piano, work, science publications, and fictional mystery novels. As you can see, I prefer my personal company more than anything else. I can't and won't judge the husband in the sceneraio illustrated above, but I can give other viewers something to ponder should they post a blog.

  9. She should start up a toon. Seriously. She is griping about her husband not doing anything with her. But is she doing anything to spend time with her husband.

    I never understood why a chick takes the high ground is starts complaining about "he's not going here… he's not going there… he won't do anything with me…." Do they ever stop to think that MAYBE they should do the things that their men like to do. Then men may actually reciprocate once in a while.

    So seriously girls, hike up those big-girl panties and help him rebuild a car, hunt down a deer or quest grind out some rep for the Uber L33T enchantment pattern he needs.

    Sincerely, A Chick that Loves Her Man :)

  10. Ha! She's keeping something from us. I'm surprised no one noticed! Any time words like "it's been getting worse" and "for the past few months" are said alarms should go off in the readers mind. Long standing habits just don't start changing for no reason. Something is happening in their lives that's directly affecting him. I'm guessing some type of stress and he's using the game to escape.

    I sometimes wonder if women are intentional stupid. Don't want your husband to game? Don't marry a gamer. Period. If you marry a gamer accept the fact that his hobby is gaming and that he'll be spending a part of his day doing that. If it bothers you that he's gaming, either join him, find a mutually satisfying hobby you can do together, or get a hobby of your own that doesn't interfere with him. (If you want to go out, tell him and pick a day in the future so he can let his gaming buddies know he won't be there that day.)

    My husband is a gamer. He always picks games with really long story lines or MMOs. When he starts playing a new game, almost all his spare time goes into it. You know what I do then? I turn on my Kindle and do some hardcore reading in whatever room he's in (so we're at least together). I'm happy, he's happy, no problem-o.

    In no way is our relationship damaged or stunted. I know perfectly well he loves me and needs me. He knows the same. We still talk, we still go places, he's still responsible and works.

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