Geeky Pics: Vampire Photography

In this installment of we-find-the-coolest-stuff-on-Flickr, we examine the undead of the blood-sucking variety. From the sexy to the scary to the… weird, or furry, here’s a look at some vampires lurking on film.

Got blood? – drurydrama (CC)

Don’t let them lay a finger on you. – ngmmemuda (CC)

Even vampires need their tunes. – jinthai (CC)

For a vampire groupie’s MySpace page. – unfurled (CC)

This is probably going to give me nightmares. – fabiovenni (CC)


He will feed on your stuffing, mwhaha. – t0fugurl (CC)

It was a rough night. – albertovo5 (CC)

Bobo the one-armed vampire teddy from Hell. – wurzeltod (CC)

And finally, just to show that you seriously can’t search for anything on Flickr without stormtroopers showing up. – pedrovezini (CC)

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