OMG – Battle: Los Angeles Theatrical Trailer

Wow… just wow. Listening to this literally gave me goosebumps everywhere. Finally a good alien invasion movie… or at least one that looks good at first glance. Let’s just hope that the whole thing respects the spirit of the trailer when it comes out.

[Via TDW]

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  1. Sweet! I actually liked District 9 and thought it was darn good for and Alien to human relations movie. This one looks awesome for the alien invasion aspect.

  2. Wow, it's a remake of "Independence Day" with the Army instead of the Air Force. As another poster said, just upload a virus via FTP from the Mac to take the shields down, send crazy guy on suicide mission to take out the mothership.


  3. Stop with Michelle Rodriguez already! There are other "tough chicks" out there. Katee Sackhoff would have done nicely…

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