Beautiful: What are Dreams? [Video]

An absolutely beautiful short by creative design studio CHRLX. Enjoy!

[Via TDW]


6 Responses to Beautiful: What are Dreams? [Video]

  1. amazing if you watch this on HD, full screen, with noise cancelling in ear headphones on, and the volume way up

  2. Awesome creation.

    Although I seldom dream about mechanical robotic animals. Amazing looking.
    Incredible robot tiger.
    Which reminds me; that looked amazing, and yet STILL NO updated live action VOLTRON MOVIE!?!

    3 transformers, Yogi Bear, 2 Chipmunk movies, 2 Scooby Doos, 2 Ironman movies ….
    Not fair, at all.

  3. looks like someone's gunning for a car Ad production job. Good execution and sound track, not particularly original though.

    • It definitely would make for a great car advert. From somebody just new into animation I respect the high quality of the animation regardless if it's origional or not. Not to mention origionality is hard to come by in a world that has seen almost everything. Cliche is not a bad thing if executed effectively.

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