11 Responses to Madness? No… THIS. IS. MANDALORE.

  1. Hmm, would be rather inconvenient with a fogged up vision due to lack of ventilation methinks.

  2. "Madness" is a line from "300" movie while the helmet combines the shape of Maximus's helmet in "Gladiator" with colors of Boba Fet's helmet in "Star Wars"… At least change the name of the damn topic.

  3. very cool, very creative but Boba Fett wasn't from Mandalore, he was from Kamino. Jango was from Concord Dawn in the Mandalorian Sector of the Outer Rim territories. Still though, very very bad ass.

    • yes but Boba Fett was a clone of Jango Fett who was a Mandalorian. So he modeled his suit of armor after that of Jango's.