Harry Potter: A Cheap Twilight Ripoff? [Pic]

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  1. I would like to point out the fact that Sirius Black does NOT in fact turn into a werewolf. He is in fact an animagus, which means he elects to turn into an animal. His animal is actually a dog. The character of Professor Lupin, however, IS a werewolf. Please check your sources. Or actually read something before you make a comparison. You need to get your fact right.

    • Leah: This is a screen capture from someone on Yahoo Answer… Do you REALLY think we would have posted something like this on our own?

      You disappoint me Leah :)

    • Since you're being technical… Jacob and his kin aren't even werewolves, they're shapeshifters, but are limited to one shape: Wolf.

      A werewolf is someone who undergoes a physical transformation that pits them in state between wolf and human.

        • I know that but it's still turning into a wolf as opposed as being a hairy guy on two legs. Which is a wolfman which would be a halfway state. Besides you could call it as simply signifying two states. One is a man, one is a wolf.

    • Seems you've been away so long with reading actual books that you forgot how a regular page looks on the internet.

  2. I'm pretty sure that the first Harry Potter book to feature Sirius was published in 1999, and the first Twilight novel in 2005.


  3. oh dear really, not forgetting the fact that the Potter books were written and published first, haha superb, this was a joke right not a serious comment??

    • judging by her previous questions, she's a question troll and a funny one at that, she either plays off the idiot quite well, or those are serious questions

  4. She seems young… Young enough not to realize the publishing dates. XD
    This makes me giggle. Thank you for posting. =)

  5. got to be my ex wife who wrote that,. she actually went to that twilight fan thing they had outside of seattle,. and she called me a geek for wanting to go to a warcraft convention,. yes i am,. but the twilight thing makes you,. just,…. sad,…..

    • Ex-wives and Twilight are like peanut butter and chocolate. Mine became convinced she was going to find her "Edward" and decided to move 500 miles away to live with her newfound vampire friends…with no job waiting, no housing, no vehicle, and no plan. And she wonders how come a) I didn't let her take our then 4 year old daughter and b) I have full custody.

  6. She's drawing from the wrong area of literature. I guess that's what you'd call an-

    *puts on sunglasses*


  7. Wow people, you guys do realize this was posted for the sake of humor, not to spark a debate about werewolves…

    It just goes to show you how young internet surfers are now, forgetting the whole fact that Twilight was published in 2005, Jacob wasn't even a "werewolf" till 2006 in New Moon.
    Sirius Black was introduced as a animagus that turns into a dog in Prisoner of Azkaban, which released in 1999. It's like saying the video game "Fallout" ripped off of the movie "Book of Eli" =P

    sometimes it kills the humor when it takes someone to explain why something is funny to ignorant people :P

  8. I would argue there is no original content ideas anymore. But even if HP was a rip off, it was probably ripped off from the same source Twilight copied. Only Harry Potter is well written and Twilight just appeals to the illiterate 12 year old in all of us.

      • both books were written for outcasts, if you'll notice, only the socially awkward girls are really into twilight and the future 40-year-old virgin are into harry potter. that's why i don't expect future generations to be in the same crap.

  9. If Twilight ripped off anything, it was probably the Anita Blake series, but it’s so horrendously awful, that it doesn’t really matter where she got her ideas. It’s like one of those stories on Quizilla that doesn’t have a name for the main character, just a blank line for you to mentally insert your name and all the pronouns for the protagonist are “you.”

    At least the poster could type properly.

  10. If Twilight ripped off anything, it was probably the Anita Blake series, but it’s so horrendously awful, that it doesn’t really matter where she got her ideas. It’s like one of those stories on Quizilla that doesn’t have a name for the main character, just a blank line for you to mentally insert your name and all the pronouns for the protagonist are “you.”

    At least the poster could type properly.

  11. If Twilight ripped off anything, it was probably the Anita Blake series, but it's so horrendously awful, that it doesn't really matter where she got her ideas. It's like one of those stories on Quizilla that doesn't have a name for the main character, just a blank line for you to mentally insert your name and all the pronouns for the protagonist are "you."

    At least the poster could type properly.

    • This person lifted something online that posted a few years back – where a fan wrote a letter to the producers of the Wolfman film saying that they had ripped off Twilight, so it's a troll seeing what reactions they can get by inserting 'Harry Potter' instead.

  12. And people wonder why the intelligence of America seems to go down every year. Not to mention that her statement is so inaccurate that it caused me to go how the fuck was this allowed to post?

  13. Who wants to track her so we can do a flash mob on her dressed up as werewolves, hitting her with broomsticks and hopefully making her realise that not only was she completely wrong about the whole Serius Black vs Jake Black argument but ALSO that Harry Potter kicks Twilight's arse? Or am I just over reacting or being unnecessarily cruel? Pah… who cares? It'll be fun and we can play quidditch after!!!

  14. I think the biggest fail here is the fact that the Prisoner of Azkaban [when Sirius is first introduced] was first published in 1999, and the first published Twilight book was in 2005 and not that Sirius turns into a dog and not a werewolf.

  15. fucking idiot.. HARRY POTTER WAS WAAAYYY BEFORE TWILIGHT YOU DUMB FUCK!! and even then, iTS FREAKING LU[PIN THATS THE WAREWOLF.. BLACK IS AN ANIMAGUS THAT TURNS IN TO A FREAKING DOG!! get your fucking fatcs right.. kudos to the person who replied ;)

  16. Just some fun facts for people: I guess an FYI
    1. There is a six (6) to seven (7) year time frame difference between the years these two books where released… Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban was released world wide on September 9th, 1999.(I remember because my butt was waiting in line out in the cold). New Moon, the book that gives Jacob a larger part was published in 2006. (Twilight which gives Jacob a small roll was published in 2005)
    2. Sirius Black is indeed an Animagus. (Animagus: An Animagus is a witch or wizard who can turn into a particular animal or magical creature at will.)
    3. Professor Remus Lupin is actually the 'main' werewolf in Harry Potter.
    4. This Rebecca obviously doesn't realize that Jacob is indeed not an actual werewolf either… He morphs into a wolf.

    I dislike Twilight and the series but someone accusing my childhood hero of 'stealing' from a book that wasn't even in the making just boils my blood. I don't care: That this was on Yahoo Answers, If anyone reads this or not, Nor do I care what anyone may think of it. This is just to make me feel better haha.

    • Oh and an addon for fact 2: Sirius Black's Animagus is actually a DOG not a wolf. Not in the book nor in the movie is he a wolf.

  17. The incorrect character facts aside, I guess the Poster doesn't realize that Harry Potter was published in 1991, and Twilight in 2000ish? If anything, doesn't that make Stephenie Meyer the Rip off Artist here?

      • You are correct, JK Rowling began writing the book in 1991. It was published in the UK in July of 1997 and then in the US about a year later.

        Hell it's bad that we have people like the OP that don't even realize that the 3rd movie was released before her precious Twilight book was published.

  18. Yeah, Rowling totally ripped off Twilight 6 years before it was published… This question was deleted from yahoo answers so I hope whoever asked it finds this page lol.

  19. Yeah, Rowling totally ripped off Twilight 6 years before it was published… This question was deleted from yahoo answers so I hope whoever asked it finds this page lol.

  20. Honestly, has she even read either series? I've read both. Sirius doesn't turn into a werewolf, he turns into a DOG. A big black DOG. Also, Jacob isn;t really a werewolf, he's a shapeshifter. Who just happens to turn into a wolf. Finally, Sirius Black was introduced in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, which came out in 1999. Twilight didn't disgrace the bookshelves of America until 2005. Honestly, read a fucking book before you go blasting a series like that.
    Then again, you could just be a troll…

  21. I wanted to find this girl and slap her in the face! Sirius is NOT a werewolf! He turns into a dog! Lupin is a wereworlf! Maybe she got mixed up.
    This certain Harry Potter book was out WAYYYYYYYY before Twilight was!
    Jacob Black is a SHAPESHIFTER not a werewolf! He just happened to turn into a wolf.
    She is an IDIOT! How can she troll on a series that I, personally, grew up with! These are the types of people that I hate talking to and I stay away from!

  22. LOL
    she says she is a hardcore fan when my sister saw this and laughed so hard because apparently they aren't even werewolves they are shape shifters?
    1. published before so no copying by the 'dumb writer'
    2. he is a big dog, not a wolf or werewolf
    3. just shut it 'rebecca' everywhere i look twilight fans are being complete idiots! :D

  23. I would like to point out the simple fact that Harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban book came out before fucking twilight, stupid fucking twat
    Im a twilight fan as well as a harry potter fan, from a twilight fan i am sincerely sorry you have to deal with idiots like this

  24. doods. she's a troll. just google rebecca m yahoo answers and all her questions come up. she also asked if twilight was based off a real story and why she hears a ringing in her ears whenever somebody comes to her door. seriously…she's got nothing better to do.

  25. So the obvious fails are painfully obvious but did no one notice that the biggest fail is probably that she claimed to have read Harry Potter and thinks its a rip off of Twilight?! How can you read these two completely different books and think that? because really is there even the slightest similiarity in the story and the characters? (except the "Black-thing" which really always irked me a bit, because the whole "turning into a canine of some kind, having the last name black and riding a motorcycle" seemed just too familiar when New Moon was published) :D So I think there isn't even the need to ask her wether she is an idiot, she undoubtly is!

  26. First off, Sirius Black is not a werewolf. Lupin is the werewolf. Maybe if you had read the Harry Potter novels, you would know that. Secondly, no its not. If anything Twilight would be a rip off of Harry Potter considering J.K. Rowling originally starting writing the novels back in the early 1990s and the first edition in the series wasn't published until the late 90s.
    If you majored in English, as I do, you'd know that publishing companies require manuscriptes to prove such things to be said publically in interviews, as J.K. Rowling as done, a number of times.

    What is clearly a rip off of Harry Potter, however, is The Socerers Apprentice. I was kind of shock Rowling didn't sue for plagarism. Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code is a hack piece of work too. It was ripped off an author who wrote the same piece of wrote back in the 70s over in Europe.

  27. I laughed my ass of and I even feel sorry for this girl for not knowing anything about Harry Potter and so it seems to me not much about twilight too. Jacob a wolf yes…but a werewolf…yes sure…
    I read both series and I like them both but I grew up with the whole Harry Potter world I was 8 or 9 years old when I read the first book and now I'm 18. so it kind of hurts to read such stupid things…

  28. Just in case somebody copied somebody, Meyer copied Rowling, because the first Twilight book is written in 2005 and the third Harry Potter film (not book, film) is from 2004.
    So, or Rowling has a time machine or what you say makes not sense.

  29. My f**** god! This shows, that twi-horrible-light hard-no-life-corefans are realy stupid! -_-'

    It's an outrage to read that J.K. (Our Godmother!!!!) would copy from a sick making child book like twi-puking-light…..

  30. This question actually makes me angry. Like, physically, find this dumb b***h and strangle her. People like this are the cause of global warming, polluting our Earth with that much hot air.

  31. Okay, first of all Sirius is NOT a wolf. Lupin is. Secondly, Hp came first. So Stephanie copied Jk and created Jacob Black as a ripoff of Lupin. Thirdly, The least successful hp movie earned $90 million more than the most successful Twilight film. And last, Robert Pattinson has himself said that he'd choose cedric's role anytime over Edward's. So there!!

  32. I took one look at this and thought to myself "How does this person have the intelligence to breathe long enough to even read Twilight?!" They deserve a heavy blow to the face courtesy of one S. Black, and an eternity in isolation, so they can't spread more of their unintelligent BS.

  33. Oh…My…God… Do you actually read? Listen:

    The first time Sirius Black was mentioned was in HP 2, but got famous in the HP 3. OK, who was first published in 8 July 1999.

    And twilight? It was published in 2005.

    Ok, let's do some math, 2005 – 1999 = 6. SIRIUS BLACK's name and condition was mentioned 6 years before Jakob Black.

    OK. And I hate twilight, but still now that Jakob is not a werewolf. And neither is Sirius, he's an animagus. Sirius turns into a dog, jakob turns into a wolf. Get it?

    So, which one is the dumb **** writer now? NOT J.K Rowling.


    • Actually, NeverInsultSirius.B, Sirius was mentioned in the first chapter of the first HP book – Hagrid said about how the bike was loaned to him by 'young Sirius Black'. I have read the Twilight books, as well, so I know that it's Jacob with a c, not a k. Sorry, I'm picky about those things (: But essentially, yes, you're right. Neither of them are werewolves, and one becomes a dog while the other is a wolf. I can see how idiots would get confused as they are both canines, but then I would hope that most HP fans, at least, are not idiots. And I have to say, Sirius is one of my favourite HP characters xD

  34. thiS is reaL fun!!…lol…i wish rebecca can post something like that again…because she's good at it…..at being stupid into things like that or,,,,in life…lol

  35. Sure, sure… (sarcasm) I'm a fan of both the Twilight and Harry Potter books , and I found this, and laughed myself silly! Jacob and Sirus, two characters with concidentally same last names but completely different characters from two different books with different publication dates….Honestly, doesn't she read?!?!

    In my opinion Rebecca must have only seen the Harry Potter movies, and drew her own opinions of them and not an avid fan of the books themselves to know the small details such as knowing Sirus Black is an animagus not a werewolf.

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