The Seventh Billion [Video]

The planet’s population is hurtling towards 7 billion. But its growth will start to slow.

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  1. "It will be a more crowded, but more stable world" – really?
    If half the population is living in countries were fertility is below the replacement rate, these countries will either see a drop in population or need a lot of immigrants to make up for the low birth rate. It's already the case in some industrialized nations.
    On the other hand, to keep the overall population where it is, and to make up for the population drop in some regions, others might have a still increasing a birth rate. There's probably going to be a lot more migration as well. It's going to be pretty busy rather than stable I guess.

    Btw, consider that "stable growth" is also something stable. =D

  2. Lots of speculation going on here. Assuming we can make it to 2050 and the world can support 9 billion people without an overall loss of habitat and biodiversity and before sustaining irreversible ecological impacts…why should be believe there will be stability? Frankly, I'm not sure whether these rosy projections are really all that securely based in fact.

  3. There is lots of room for population growth. With an average family size of just 4, you could give every family a full acer to live on have lots of land left over. The 'population bomb' envisioned in the 60's and 70's was supposed to have us killing each other for food ten years ago. It didn't happen.

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