Mrs. Fett [Picture]


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  1. That armor wont stop a blaster shot. And if you honestly think that's the first thought to cross my mind I have a nice pit on tattoine to sell ya.

  2. Have said it before and will say it again; dislike this costume. Appreciate that it took time to make, but to me it seems more like a slap in the face to the character she's supposed to be cosplaying. I'm not saying cosplay should be 100% accurate, but don't remove all the character is (well-equipped… not like that…, well protected, impervious) and make it a keyhole top with no armour. Dress for the occasion, hunting bounties is dangerous work. You don't get an armour bonus from distractionary tactics.

  3. I generally agree Sior.

    Whilst others generally make the argument that costumes such as these are "versions of what the piece would likely resemble if worn by someone of another gender, and aren't intended to be 100% replicas of the original design", there is still some sense of reason that is required if you actually want to make a real piece and not just a "Hey look, breasts and exposed skin!" piece to boost ones impression of themselves by having a bunch of guys spam "OMG! Looking good!" on your DeviantArt page, and a few females going "Looking cute!".

    The world will already be able to recognise that you have breasts or are well toned, or in the case of guys that you work out… there's no need to go out of your way to redesign pieces that are functional in purpose to no longer be functional just to be able to objectify yourself to others.

    Comic book hero/villian costumes on the other hand are something else… as the original costumes themselves in the comics are generally exposed cleavage, holes in the outfit to show off bulging muscles and all sorts… but that doesn't mean that other designs need to adhere to that same standard.

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