QUESTION: You are walking back to your car when you see this. What do you do? [Picture]

So, here’s the situation. One day, you are walking to your car when you see this:

What do you do?


63 Responses to QUESTION: You are walking back to your car when you see this. What do you do? [Picture]

  1. First, I twitpic it and send tweet to notify the world. Then retrieve lightsaber from the glove box and rush to battle!

  2. Run to the right to try to get outside of it's line of fire. Those things look like they don't turn very well, so getting along side it should make you safer. Then I'd be snapping pics and posting them online. Nobody's gonna believe this.

  3. My initial thought was "gee, I'd probably help that guy get the snow off his car."

    Then I saw the AT-AT, and thought "Gee, I should probably help that guy find some cover before the walker starts blasting his car."

  4. Assuming that a Universe where an AT-AT was tramping down my street is a Universe where I own a motorcycle and some bucky cables….

    I'd be taking care of business.

  5. When they ask for directions to the capital I will send them in the direction of a frozen river and film them as the AT-AT gets stuck. Then I would run like hell so the snow troopers don't catch me.

  6. Clear a hole in the snow on the windscreen just barely big enough to see out of, smoke a cigarette while the heater in the car is on full blast and then your're good to go!

  7. brush off the car get in go wherever i was going, take a detour if its in my path, and just hope it was because of all the drugs i did the night before

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