Humanity is DOOMED [Pic]

Believe it or not, this is a REAL book, and when people start buying books like these, you know there’s just no more hope left for humanity.

[Farmville for Dummies @]


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  1. This book is shmuck bait. -_-; People are going to buy it thinking they can get hot tips on how to improve their farm. And you know, they probably can. They can also probably get those same tips for free online, via any number of Farmville FAQs that exist, and not have to pay for that book.

    Then again, I'm jaded when it comes to Farmville, so take that as you will.

    • Never saw the point in spending that much time on a game to be honest. Looking at people spending most of their free time investing it on an online farm looks scary as hell.

      Hopefully buying this book will distract them from the game to discover the _real_ world again. No? alright I might have stretched that too far.

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