You’ve gone TOO FAR George Lucas! [Video]

A rather shocking game sequence from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II:

Nooooooooooooooo… that’s… that’s…. BLASPHEMY! How could Mr. Lucas approve something like this? This is an outrage!

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  2. Meh, I've played WW2 games where I won the war for the Nazis. If you're going to play the bad guy you can't pussyfoot around, that's kind of the point of being the bad guy.

    I only hope it lets you strangle some Ewoks along the way.

  3. The blasphemy is in letting be Han who kills Chewie… That's what is devilish! But I agree with that other comment about strangle Ewoks… :-)

  4. what is the point in making a game set in the same time period that obviously never took place, why not set it before when there were more sith and jedi or even after where they could do prety much anything, nooooo they have to mess with an already set, set of events, pah, glad i never bought it now

    • Actually the main game IS supposed to be canon, set in between films III and IV, though it has two endings one canon and one non-canon. This is the new Endor DLC which is also NON-CANON

  5. welll… chewie DOES die in the novels, which are a widely accepted part of post-movie canon. also, if youre going to play as the bad guy, youregunna fuck the good guys up however possible. Vader could have shot down Luke, Hoth could have been destroyed without anyone escaping, the Second Deathstar could havehad small craft defenses blahblahblah.. any story worth telling has multiple versions and outcomes. thats whats so beautiful with Star Wars.

  6. errr … you are only just realising lucas's bastardisation now …. let me take you back…attack of the clones …. 13 books and 47 comics deleted from the star wars universe to allow jango fett to exist …. kind of late …. I own all of them … but complaining now is a bit spechiul ….

    • It's not. As pointed out by a previous poster, this is DLC and the DLC is non-canon. This is not part of the main game – the main game IS canon.

      At the end of the same level, you face Leia, who has become a jedi after Luke was killed on Hoth (in DLC for the first TFU). Clearly not canon. :-)

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