How to Put Sci-Fi Nerds in Kill Mode [Pic]


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  1. that makes me so freakin mad! but hell it makes a great geek test! if you see nothing wrong with the pic your not a geek!

    • I disagree, the only thing I thought was: "it doesn't look like Han Solo" and that was it. I searched online for the quote and truly found out what was wrong.

      It turns out that I never liked Star Trek and will probably never like it. And yet, I am still considered a geek by most people around me.

      I believe the word "nerd" was used for the title of the post, not "geek".

      • The fact that Nathon Fillion, the main character from Firefly/Serenity, was substituted for Spock and Han Solo caused no rage in you? Any Sci-fi aficionado would be up in arms about this the second they saw it.

        How you have managed to miss out on Star Trek, Star Wars AND Firefly and still manage to call yourself a nerd OR geek is beyond me.

        Shame on you.

        • It's simple – not every and each geek makes his life circle around sometimes boring movies.
          True geekiness is about having some specialist knowledge, not only about being a master of TV remote…
          Besides, there are many types of geekiness, being a sci-fi fan is only one of them.

      • "Sci-fi nerd" actually. A specific subset of nerdom that you (and I) don't partake in. Give me Magic: The Gathering or role-playing games any day.
        (I still saw the errors, though :D)

  2. you need to put a picture of the Battlestar Galactica (or the Lexx) in the background, the logo for maybe Stargate SG-1, and identify the actor as "Scott Bacula" (a double zing there).

  3. Uhm…. so, that's not Han Solo, OK. And that phrase… I don't remember Han saying it in any of the movies, don't know if he said it in a novel. Conclusion: I don't see what's so wrong with this picture.

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