Happy Thanksgiving! What are you thankful for today? [Cartoon]

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  1. If You do not belief in God, and you think you are interesting to make a cartoon about Christians, and their Love to their savior maybe than You have to ask yourself a question , what is your way of live , hate- sex- war – bad joking about religion and people who belief. Or real love and understanding peace in Your hart , beautifully things, a thankful hart , and a good Joke
    If You do not belief , why do you make such things are you jealous of people who thanks the Lord for a wonderful day , for the food everyday , for the home . Maybe it is better you go for a week to a poor country , or try to ask God our creator for forgiveness. I pray for you

    • Um…yeah…how is this mocking Christians again? I'm a fan of religious humor, and this isn't it. If you're actually offended by this, you need to seriously reevaluate your life. In case you hadn't heard, a bunch of religions pray and Thanksgiving is an American holiday, not specific to any religious group.

      tl;dr grow up

    • you know what is funny you type your hypocrasy and babble about christian value but you can't even spell. IF you can not spell then how can you evaluate and infer what this cartoon means. Its a cartoon they are supposed to make fun .. its not like this cartoon depicts society this is why you sit on your computer preaching your gospel and the world around you evolves your the only reason people have conflict because of ignorance and the dillusion of high moral. I bet if you looked into your life you break your own religions rules. I feel bad for your family as you probably harass and demean then when they need encouragement. I wish you the best to a happy road to knowledge and understanding

      • In fairness, it seems pretty plain English is not this guy’s first language. Still, he is able to express his self-righteous sense of moral superiority plainly enough. Lighten up, Chriskeart; I would think a genuine Christian would applaud this cartoon’s warning against materialism and superficiality (except maybe for the birth control one; that is an increasingly vital concern).

    • Let's evaluate your idiocy here in steps: 1) Everyone else is correct, this is a cartoon about Thanksgiving, a non-religious holiday, not Christmas or any other holiday stolen by the Christians, 2) Even if it was a joke about religion you need to re-evaluate yourself. Just because you claim to be a Christian does not mean everyone else in the world is. And in many of the world's nations these days the people have a right to make fun of such things. It is also your right to express your dislike of it, but, then you don't have the right to force feed your religious babble down everyone's throats. 3) Real love, understanding and peace? Really? You're going to try to take one of the most violent and forceful religions in the world ever created and talk about love and understanding??? Let's look here, three events, and I could list more than this, but, for the sake of argument let's just use these three: The Crusades, The Spanish Inquisition and and The Salem Witch Trials. Are these events what you call real, understanding and peace? If so, you need to re-evaluate your values, because I call them violent and hateful crimes against humanity.

  2. I am thankful for the comment-function on most websites, so I can read the more or less pointless rants of people I don't know and don't care about.

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