Five Extravagant Gifts for the Geek on Your List

Sure, budgeting is important. This is a touch economy. But we can dream, right? Without dreams, we just can’t get by!

So, rather than suggest all these economical options for the holiday season, I thought I’d compile a list of the kind of gifts every geek dreams of, and if given the opportunity would probably snatch up in a heart beat. You might need a crane to move some of these, but I suspect for many of you, it would be totally worth it.

Microsoft Surface – No, I haven’t turned to a total Microsoft fangirl. However, the applications for this are just mind blowing. I’m sure you’ve all seen the possibilities when it comes to D&D and gaming in general. And while the endless delight of owning such a piece of technology would be quite life-changing, keep in mind the steep price tag: over 12K, just to start, not counting shipping.

Geek Chic Tables – While not quite as expensive as the Surface, the tables from Geek Chic are the low-tech version of a geek surface dream. I was lucky enough to see these in action at PAX East last year, and let me tell you, they are beautiful. Not only are they totally handcrafted, and coupled with a marvelous steampunk aesthetic, but they are also superior multitaskers. If your house is anything like ours, flexibility of furniture is essential, and no place moreso than the kitchen or dining room table. Is it wrong that our first requirement for a table is that it can accommodate Arkham Horror? Anyway, with Geek Chic tables, you don’t have to sacrifice form for function. They’re gorgeous. And honestly, even with the $1500+ price tag (check out the Ethan Allen catalog if you think that’s high for furniture!) it’s not that bad, for the Emissary design, anyway. The Sultan (see the image below), as befitting of its name, starts at $8850. But it is heirloom quality. You know, so you can bequeath it.

Got a Tolkien geek in your midst? Have a ton of expendable income? How about a first edition hardback of The Lord of the Rings. Believe it or not, that’ll set you back five times what the Microsoft Surface costs. Currently one is listed on Alibris for $62,000. That’s a whole lot of pipeweed and mushrooms. If the books are way out of your price range, consider an official Gondorian arrow from the films. That’ll only cost you about a 800 GBP.

Antiquities. I mean, why bother with the movie stuff if you can go all-out ancient world? For a few grand you can purchase a piece of history, quite literally. The Web is filled with companies hocking wares from all around the world, and while I wouldn’t vouch that they’re all legit (you might want to steer clear of eBay…) there are some really gorgeous antiquities to be had. I inherited a little Roman statuette from my great-aunt, and it’s not only a point of conversation among our geekier guests, it’s also a neat connection from me to a much older time. Granted, I think the story goes that my great-grandfather “picked it up” “somewhere in Italy” but, hey, that’s history, right?

I’ll admit, being a relative newbie to the PC party, I’m not sure how awesome Alienware computers are. But at 4K, well, they better be pretty awesome. I mean, they should do more than play games at that price: how about fold laundry? Make dinner? Do your taxes? Clean the bathrooms? Either way, they are pretty sweet looking.

What are your geek dream gifts? If money was no limitation, what would you do? Go to space? Buy your own personal ornithopter?