WTF: Really Dell, REALLY? [Pic]

I’ve always wondered how Dell calculates their prices on hard drive upgrades when large capacity drives can be had for so cheap today. Same usually goes for their video card upgrade options.


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  1. I still like Dell for my business, but we buy them stripped and upgrade with our own stuff. Still better brand than any other main-brand computer, less ASUS and some of the gamer specific ones. RAM upgrades are just about as ridiculously priced as the heard drive upgrades. Buy it stock and buy the upgrades separately. If you have any sense you'll want to install the OS fresh to get rid of all the pre-installed garbage..

  2. Usually you buy notebooks from dell. And notebooks use 2.5″ hdds. They are a bit more expensive as 3.5″ hdds. OK not nearly 660usd but this image seems overdrawn.

  3. Usually you buy notebooks from dell. And notebooks use 2.5" hdds. They are a bit more expensive as 3.5" hdds. OK not nearly 660usd but this image seems overdrawn.

    • @Malik I wish it was a pricing mistake, but sadly not. While i like Dell's also there upgrade pricing is horrible. What's even worse you can buy the same drive separately from them and pay just a little more than what NegEgg has it for.

  4. I'm no fan of Dell but this is for a 1TB 7200 RPM 2.5" notebook drive. Can anybody find a comparable drive for $55?

    This image is misleading and stupid.

    • Just curious, why can you select 'None' then – and why aren't there SSD options? This looks like either the 'second hard drive' option or an external hard drive option.

      • I think it means "No HDD upgrade", as opposed to "No harddrive" – notice the choices start from 160GB – the original model with "no upgrade" probably comes with a 80GB-120GB HDD, I think.

        I admit, it's worded a little badly, but that's probably yet another way Dell tries to suck users into paying more than they actually should: most non-computer savvy people will probably think what you did and select an upgrade they don't even really need because they assume it's the only way they'll actually have a harddrive with their computer.

  5. Most people tech savvy enough to know they're getting ripped off are usually savvy enough to build their own or at least buy upgrades separately. I'm guessing that the problem is a three-parter:

    1. There aren't enough people complaining/"speaking with their wallets" to cause enough of a stink
    2. There are enough people getting duped that there's no reason to adjust the price.
    3. Dell guy was a profitable marketing campaign. (see below)

    Kinda reminds me of that scene in pulp fiction with Walken and the watch, but only with the item being "reared" being common sense. "10 years I held this common sense, up my ***."

  6. If you say the word double in the product review, then Dell can double the price; if you say the ratio is 4x, Dell can charge 4x as much.

    Sounds Apple-onian to me.

  7. The top pic is probably old as hell, or, (noting that "none" can be selected) this is not simply an internal hard disk. Or an error. Or shorped. It's a server or something, maybe, we don't know. I just looked, and Dell only charges 50 bucks on most machines to jump up to a 1 TB drive from a 500gb. Still about 40 bucks more than it should be, but this pic is bullshit.

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