Stalking: Online vs. In Real Life [Comic]

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    • Sure it is! Ever seen comments "Oh, what a great pool party Sarah! I can see you guys had fun!" … "Thanks, Joe Wanker! We did! How was your weekend?" People post these online to be seen online, and they love it when people actually see and appreciate these photos. The difference between online and real life, is that in real life it's too easy to go from stalker to spproach (whether to hit on someone you like with good intentions, or to become a rapist), either way in real life the other party may not want ANY outward attention from you but can't do much about it, on the internet, you can block somone's posts if you don't want them. And think about it, if girls didn't want to make guys drool, they wouldn't put on all the skimpy outfits, it's the "look but don't touch" line that Internet makes so much easier.

  1. Is funny how you guys are seeing it from only one perspective "Sarah is doing it on purpose, she likes to see the comments that's why she's doing it." But what happens when Sarah mean to have HER FRIENDS ONLY watching and commenting, and all of the sudden she gets all these inbox messages from a miscellaneous looser who she wants nothing to do with…is that still ok according to you all?

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