Google Employees: It Gets Better

You’ve probably heard about the “It Gets Better” project, a YouTube campaign aimed at giving a message of hope to GLBT youth. There are a huge number of videos now, many at the itgetsbetterproject channel, including from a number from public figures like celebrities and politicians.

This latest is from Google employees, and I think it illuminates a related point: that no matter what you’re getting bullied for, whether it’s sexual orientation or being a geek/nerd, it really does get better. High school can be a tough time for anyone who’s different, but I bet a lot of geeks here can attest that it’s worth holding out for college.


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  1. I love the "It Gets Better" project, but I hate the fact that the main reason there even needs to be such a thing is because school administrators won't acknowledge that many cases of bullying are clear cases of assault, and they basically do nothing about it. I'm a dyed-in-the-wool liberal, but I home schooled my son (with a non-religious curriculum) after he was bullied in grades K through 4 not for being gay, but for simply being "different." He's 21 now, an extremely talented songwriter, and I'd do it again in a minute. Too many public schools are run by former star high school quarterbacks (at least here in the Southeast), and bullying is all too often dismissed as kids being kids. It's awful and wrong, and I know there are some kids who simply cannot wait around for it to get better.

  2. Google must be an awesome company to be LBGT in. California's a pretty gay-friendly state anyway, it seems, despite the whole Prop 8 disaster, and for Google to bring this to people's attentions even more? Good for them. I hear they have a decent support society within Google, or something like that, as well – plus Google gives them a little bit of a better salary to make up for the tax-cuts they don't receive as a gay person in a house-owning relationship. Hopefully they give a little donation to The Trevor Project, too.

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