Toddler Girl Dances to Star Trek TOS Theme Song

This is adorable! Future geek parents, please take note: this is a great way to get your kids into the good stuff. Don’t forget, brainwash them while they’re young, and you’ll have a trekker for life.

[Via Buzzfeed]


5 Responses to Toddler Girl Dances to Star Trek TOS Theme Song

  1. Oh man, that was too cute for words. As if my baby fever wasn't bad enough already.

    And it works too. My dad brought me up on a steady diet of TOS, TNG, the original Dr. Who, Quantum Leap, Star Wars, etc. People think preachers are against sci-f/fantasy stuff, but I don't know many bigger nerds than my dad. =P

  2. my daughters and me travelled on the ferry from Calais: the chairs were very futuristic. She was 4 and told me she was captain Janeway. When i was 10 or so me and my brother and dad used to watch TOS on mondays at 6pm.

  3. Way ahead here. introduced my son to Star Wars at the age of 2. Now he is 4 and can tell you the synopsis of all 6 movies and name all major characters and most of the minor ones and name all off the locations and which movie they appear in. he will even hum the imperial march to himself without needing to hear it.

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