Fake Office Trick

A short video showing how you can trick someone into believing you’re at the office and not home doing *insert activity of your choice here*.

So, can anyone here can translate what’s going on in the video?

[Via Buzzfeed]


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  1. Male: can you hear me? Can you see me? (referring to camera)

    Female: yup yup yup. . Hey baby,your office is so empty.

    M:Yea,everyone went for lunch and i have a report to write.

    F: Thats so tough..

    M:Yea. .

    F: So did you miss me/think of me?

    M:Of course i did. . Woah~ A cockroach *Fumbles*

    F:Huh?! EH?! Why did you lie to me, playing mahjong at home?!

    M: *Trying to stop webcam*

    —— Video Ends —–

  2. The only trick here is how many bloggers will fall for this COMMERCIAL.

    it is a commercial and is in essance a fake on you for making it viral. C

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