Terrifying Tower Climbing Video

This video shows the view of a maintenance worker while he’s climbing up a 1768 foot transmission tower. I dare you all to try and watch it till the end.

Edit: Sorry folks, had to remove the video at the request of the people who own the footage. They will apparently put it back up at one point, so we’ll be sure to publish it back when this happens.



15 Responses to Terrifying Tower Climbing Video

  1. Damn, I never got to see this. Everyone's reacting the same as the first audiences at the first Saw, which means it MUST be pretty fucked-up-scary!

    For those interested, the owner wasn't just being an 'asshat' trying to keep the video on their own domain (though I'm never one that rants at those people because it's well within their rights); it was all about protecting the job safety of a friend. For more, read: http://www.theonlineengineer.org/TheOLEBLOG/

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