Jaw-dropping driving

In this video Ken Block races on a 1.58 mile oval track in Linas, France with banks as steep as 51 degrees. (The standard NASCAR incline is less than half that.) That would be impressive enough, but Block doesn’t just race on the track – he races onto the track, on the poorly paved side-roads leading up to the track, around obstacles placed on the track, doing donuts around water barrels, traffic cones, and, in one case, a man on a segway.

Even if you’re not a fan of car racing, you’ll enjoy this video, which is on YouTube in high def. By the end of it, Block has done so many donuts and outrageous stunts that he’s completely and utterly worn out both of his rear tires and continues to do donuts on the sparking rims.

Here’s the kicker: Racing isn’t even Block’s day job – he’s one of the co-founders of a shoe company.