ANTS in my scanner: A five years time-lapse

Vimeo user François Vautier says: “I installed an ant colony inside my scanner five years ago. I scanned the nest each week.”


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  1. How did he get the scanner to scan itself?
    the only way I can think of is by replacing the scanner glass with a mirror facing down into the interior – but you would end up with a lot of double exposures and artifacts.
    Also – why the plants? I would imagine that the rotting material would just ruin the scanner within a few weeks.

  2. He obviously just took pictures. It sounds better to say that he scanned the scanner, though. Wouldn't you agree? It wouldn't function with all that inside. Don't take art so literally.

    Awesome video. Epic music :)

    • Why can't the 'artist' just say he photographed it and be honest, instead of exaggerating for the thrill of it? Avoid the whole problem.

  3. noticed things repeating several times within the animation. Much less than a five year span, photographed not scanned, dirt/plants added at intervals.

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