Stormtrooper Hood Ornament [PIC]

Flickr user Agent RayBans loves Stormtroopers. I mean, just look at his Flickr page and you’ll understand why right away. He loves them so much that he decided to replace the old hood ornament on his Buick Park Avenue with the head of a Stormtrooper. Check it out:

When I asked him where he took the head for the ornament and how he installed it, here’s what he replied:

The main component of my hood ornament is made from the head off of a McDonald’s toy. If you search online, it’s the one of a Stormtrooper driving a wind-up AT-AT. I removed the head from the rest of the toy, making sure to take out the spring that made the head bobble. I then filled the hollow head with resin, and drilled a hole into it that would serve as the mounting point. After I sanded the head with fine grit sand paper, making sure it was extra smooth, I painted the head metallic silver.

Next I removed the existing hood ornament from my car, which took some finesse and elbow grease. I removed the Buick emblem, but made sure to keep the base that actually mounted to the car. I then bought a nut and bolt from the local hardware store. I pushed the bolt up through the hole in the base of the old hood ornament, and screwed the nut down to hold the bolt in place. Then, finally, I screwed the Stormtrooper head down onto the bolt into the hole I had drilled earlier. Once that was done, I mounted it onto my car. Tada!

Great job Agent RayBans! That new ornament looks totally fabulous! But now I’ve got one question for you: Can that old Park Avenue make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs?

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