Comic Con 2010: User Submitted Pictures

Comic-Con is over, and attendees have been back to the real world for a few days. Meanwhile, we’ve had a chance to look at some of the pictures that our readers sent in, taken at the event. Here are some of our favorites!

From Daniel, a stormtrooper with a new batch of hardware (and a lot of style):

From Vlad, a tumble down the rabbit hole… Moxxie from Borderlands.

From Nicole (@maxalishines), Elle Driver looking particularly menacing…

From Kate, a very cheerful Wonder Woman!

From Jill, a reminder of why 300 was so awesome for both guys and girls.

From Cesar, Link looking ready to get going. It’s dangerous to go alone, take this!

From Cesar, a heartwarming picture of BFFs.

From Clark, a reminder that some costumes are also great for germ-o-phobes.

Thanks to everyone who sent us pics! Who’s going to Dragon*Con?