Things Are Looking Steamy for Mac

Just when I thought that I had everything in balance. You know, I’ve been playing Dragon Age just fine; I finally managed to kick the WoW habit because my hands don’t allow me to (geeky fact: I first had carpal tunnel symptoms playing WoW…). Really, I had achieved gaming zen—content with what I have and…

Wait, Steam for Mac? With free Portal? Are you sick? Seriously?

Yes, Steam is finally here for Mac, and as Gizmodo so snidely put it “real gaming” is now available for Mac users. And yes, Portal comes for free, and there’s just a metric ton of awesome games to play, beckoning me—nay, taunting me—into pouring hours and hours of my time re-discovering my love of video games on my computer. Valve plans to release new titles every Wednesday, so expect the library to continue to grow, too.

I mean, seriously. There’s steampunk dystopia with Guns of Icarus, puzzles with World of Goo, and of course Civilization IV. Which is scary because the original Civilization games nearly cost me my degree. And steampunk? You guys know I have a major weak spot for that…

Sure, some of these games have been available in various formats, but the fact that Valve is making a foray into the Mac realm at all is telling. As Gizmodo points out:

I know, games have existed on the Mac for a long time. But the promise of true multiplatform computer gaming on the largest scale in a long time is pretty thrilling. (As someone who does most of their FPSing on a desktop PC and owns a Mac laptop.)

It’s not just about the games available, it’s the space those games are available in. Recently my computer was something of a gaming wasteland, but now Valve is opening the floodgates to Mac users everywhere with the promise of gaming, well, anywhere.

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