How many apps do you have on your mobile phone? Which apps do you use the most?

I’ve been a smart phone user for a couple of years now, and I already wonder how I managed to get along without one. Being able to check my email on the go is invaluable, but there are a few apps that I use pretty much daily as well.

* Echofon – My Twitter client of choice. I actually have the Firefox version as well, which is how I check Twitter on my computer, but to be honest, I’m not a huge Twitter user, and so the times I read it the most are usually when I’m sitting somewhere bored with my phone, like at a bus stop.

* Shazam – How often do you think “WHAT IS THAT SONG”? It’s not 100%, but Shazam does a pretty good job of listening and then telling you. Since I’m a huge dork who loves So You Think You Can Dance, I actually get a lot of use out of it during the auditions when they don’t list the names of songs on the screen.

* Wikipanion – How did we settle disputes at the dinner table before Wikipedia apps on smart phones? Just a few days ago, I was arguing with someone about what year Geraldine Ferraro was in the Vice Presidential race. (I won.)

* Lose it! – There are a number of weight loss/management apps available for smartphones, but I’ve found this to be quite a good one. It’s not too fancy, lets you set your own calorie budget, and it’s just as easy to enter in food yourself as to choose from the database (I for one tend to be too lazy to enter everything individually so will just do math in my head and throw in “LUNCH” with a calorie count).

* Byline – The only one in the bunch that isn’t free (or at least has a free version), but I’ve found Byline to be the best Google reader app
available. It’s streamlined and well designed, and my favorite way to get blogs on the go. (Oh hey, don’t forget to subscribe to [GAS]!)

Also, not something I use every day, but in the “just darn cool” category, there’s an interactive fiction reader for iPhone: Frotz. You know, for when you feel like playing Zork.

All in all, I have about 30 apps on my iPhone, some of which I rarely use at all but are handy to pull out when I’m bored, and some that barely go a day without use.

So what about you guys? How many apps do you have on your mobile phone? Which apps do you use the most?