The Mythbusters Episode That Never Aired

In the following clip, Mythbusters host Adam Savage explains how the Discovery Channel rejected one of the myths his team wanted to bust after looking at the somehow gruesome but hilarious footage they had recorded for the show. Check it out. [Via] Advertisements


AMAZING: Dr. Who Theme Performed on Twin Tesla Coils [Video]

ArcAttack, the band behind most of the tesla coil music you’ve heard on the net in the last few years, performed one of their old classic at this year’s edition of the Bay Area’s Maker Faire: The Dr. Who Theme. If you’re interested in listening to a longer performance of ArcAttack, we interviewed the band […]

Life After Lost (and 24): Day 1

A week may have passed, but I’m sure many of you are still sharing my pain at no longer having new episodes of either Lost or 24 to look forward to. The network schedulers responsible for ending both of these long-running shows in the space of two days are clearly evil incarnate. So for the […]

LOL: The D&D Monster Impersonator

If you have to listen to only one of the sound effects this guy reproduces, you have to hear the gelatinous cube at 1:36. Best gelatinous cube impersonation EVER! [Via Topless Robot]

Monday morning links serving: The May 31st edition

–$2.95 – The Price For All Your Personal Details For a $2.95 one year subscription, allows anyone to find all of the public information about you in one place. How safe is your identity in the Internet Age? –The room that makes you a part of Super Mario world Young talented artist Antoinette J. […]

Awesome NES Stop-Motion Animation

An amazing stop-motion animation which re-creates scenes from some of the most famous oldschool NES games. Check it out: [Via Buzzfeed]

REVIEW: Is Really a Better Way to Grow Your Money?

By Jimmy Rogers Contributing Writer, [GAS] As a graduate student, I’m certainly not a high-roller financially, but for the first time in my life I’m making more money than I spend. ┬áIt’s certainly not much, but it’s gotten me thinking: should I be more proactive about my savings? Over the last few weeks I’ve looked […]

Debbie Goard’s Amazing Geeky Cakes [PICS]

We’ve often presented you guys with geeky cakes here on [GAS], but cake artist Debbie Goard really takes cake design to a whole new level. I mean, just take a minute to look at these, they almost look real! When I asked Debbie where she took her inspiration and what material she used to make […]