Debbie Goard’s Amazing Geeky Cakes [PICS]

We’ve often presented you guys with geeky cakes here on [GAS], but cake artist Debbie Goard really takes cake design to a whole new level. I mean, just take a minute to look at these, they almost look real!

When I asked Debbie where she took her inspiration and what material she used to make such realistic-looking cakes, here’s what she answered:

Since nearly all my cakes are commissioned designs, the general design idea comes from the client. Once I have a basic brief for a cake, I’ll then spend a lot of time researching the subject. I only work from actual objects or images of actual objects, never from other cake photos. My feeling is that I don’t want to be influenced by another designer’s work. I work from blueprints, models, copious photographs. If I’m making a cake replica of a food item, for instance, I’ll actually buy that fruit or burger or taco, what have you. I also am careful to create items as they actually are, with imperfections and subtleties , not some cake version that’s been perfected. I think my cakes are so realistic because of this. I use fondant, also known as sugarpaste, pastillage, and modelling chocolate. All my cakes are heavily airbrushed using edible colors.

If you want to see some extra pictures, Debbie has tons of other ones on her Flickr set. You can also check her official website right here.