Butterfly Rampage- Qualcomm Marketing

It has been revealed that that a number of videos that popped up recently of Butterfly attacks are the responsibility of Qualcomm and their new IMOD display that uses biomimetrics to bend light like in butterfly wings.

This shocking revelation of responsibility came fromĀ  an “Emergency Press Conference”. During the conference, it was revealed that Mr. Lewis and Mr. Dodgson stole prototypes using this new technology, and were promptly set upon by swarms of angry butterflies.

They presented Mr. Mascup, an entomologist to attest to the safety of Qualcomm devises. While proclaiming the Mirasol to be a safe device, with his rabbit Terrance in hand, he recounts the bloodthirsty savagery of these heartless butterflys. Since he is rugged and Australian, we should take him seriously, he encourages you if a butterfly lands on you, not to fight it off but to “assume a fetal position and wait for it to lose interest in you.”

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