From TED: How Should We Approach the War on Cancer?

By Jimmy Rogers (@me)
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

Back in April we published The Cure for Cancer and got a fantastic response from our readers.  It seems you folks are really interested in the topics of cancer science and cancer research.  Maybe because, unlike other diseases, cancer eventually effects everyone because it is a “disease of the aged.”

For a great insight into where modern techniques and philosophies are taking cancer research, check out this latest TED talk by Dr. David Angus at TEDMED:

As a young researcher myself, I agree with Dr. Angus that the next big movement in any molecular research is understanding proteins (hence the proteome) and the pathways that create or modify them.  We certainly have come a long way from trying to identify diseases by look and feel alone, but Dr. Angus’s message reminds us that even high-profile fields like cancer are still looking for a workable molecular component.

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