Neil Gaiman Penned Doctor Who Episode Coming in 2011

Neil GaimanThere has been a rumor for some time that Neil Gaiman would be writing an episode of Doctor Who (now under the helm of Steven Moffat), but when his name didn’t appear in the list of 2010 writers, many thought it wasn’t to be. However, while accepting an award for his Batman comic at SFX Awards 2010, Gaiman confirmed that he has indeed written an episode but that it won’t be airing until 2011 due to budgetary issues. In other words, maybe there’s going to be a big-budget episode? Awesome.

Considering that Moffat has written some of the creepiest episodes of Doctor Who to date (the weeping angels of “Blink” come to mind, as do the gas masks of “The Empty Child”), combining him with Gaiman might well be the holy grail of scifi horror. Fourteen months seems like an awfully long time…

[Via Bleeding Cool]

[Image Source: .guilty (CC)]