Google Nexus One: Concept & Design

Google has just started releasing a series of videos documenting the story behind the company’s new phone, the Nexus one. In the first episode, various people who worked on the design of the phone talk about some of the decisions that were taken to make the Nexus One the most advanced mobile on the market today.


2 Responses to Google Nexus One: Concept & Design

  1. Very nice designee and some innovative features.. but alas I will stick with my XV6800 just can't see spending the $$ for a new phone when my current one handles every thing this one does. And I have a physical keyboard.. can't get use to the touch screen typing.

  2. The most advanced mobile on the market today – I think we can all safely assume that is the Nokia N900 – especially as it is capable of RUNNING ANDROID.

    There is no comparison – none. For a geek – that was a pretty ungeeky comment.

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