WoW Facebook App: For Epic Updates?

So if you spend enough time in the World of Warcraft, you always run on the risk of not having enough stuff going on in the real world to make for interesting Facebook updates. But luckily with the new WoW Armory app, you can have automatic updates sent to your mom, your boss, and all your friends when you pick up those achievements and gear. Because, let’s face it, when the final piece in that epic armor set finally drops, you want everyone to know.

You can choose up to 5 characters to show up on your friends’ feeds, and the categories of updates are achievements, boss kills, and loot (and you can set a threshold for how awesome something has to be to warrant an update). There’s also a ticky box that lets you decide whether you want these updates to show up in your normal Facebook friends feed or to just in the WoW app. So if you don’t play WoW, you might want to encourage your friends who do to untick that little box. Just when you thought all those Farmville updates were starting to die down!

Of course, if you’re into WoW and a lot of your friends are too, this is kind of cool; you might even find out about friends who you didn’t even know played, and the app includes all of the armory information, including a rendering of the character decked out in their gear. This seems to be all part of Blizzard’s plan to extend WoW out of the virtual world and into your daily life – the next step being auction house access from your iPhone.

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