Geeky Christmas Trees [Pics]

Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, it’s kind of hard to avoid the decorations. Of course, after seeing your millionth tree-topping star, strand of silver garland, and candy cane reindeer ornament, the trimmed trees all start to look the same. So here’s a few that stand out from the pack.

O Christmas tree, thy hardware shines so brightly! – clockwerx (CC)


Dr. Who fans will love this one: A Dalek christmas tree! – xNEUROSPASTA (CC)

Spiderman in space! – jasonalley (CC)

You don’t actually have to have a tree to be festive, of course; sometimes you just need a place to hang the ornament. – suzicatherine (CC)

Everything’s shiny, Captain! – angiek47 (CC)

The scary part is, the baby one wasn’t there the night before. – mtcarlson (CC)

Poketree, I choose you! – bakatanuki (CC)

How did Santa know exactly what they wanted? – rignes (CC)

Happy holidays, everyone!