Ask [GaS]: What are the Top Gadgets on Your Holiday Wishlist?

What gadgets are you pawing after this season? Which technical wonders make your heart skip beats, and give you the shivers?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve likely spent hours—maybe even days, weeks, and months—of your year drooling over gadgets. And with the holiday season going in to full swing, there’s no end to the gadget temptations around every holly bedecked bend.

Here are a handful of the gadgets I’ve been fawning over that I’m hoping, just hoping, that Santa might carry down the chimney for me (if he’s feeling generous this year).

Netbook. Yes, yes. I’ve posted about this before. However, I’ve recently been infatuated (yes, that is the word) with the Samsung Go in Mint Blue. Though a Mac user through and through, I still often daydream cute montages of myself and the Samsung Go–who I would lovingly name Euripides–going to the park, sitting in coffee shops, watching Pride and Prejudice and going on and on about how adorable Colin Firth is and… what, sorry? Right… The specifications are beyond sexy, with the sleek 10″ widescreen, gorgeous keyboard, and interesting performance.

eReader. Whether you belong to the cult of Kindle or the network of the Nook or, perhaps, are one of the scions of the Sony eReader, there’s no denying that digital readers are changing the face of content. You might not agree with the formats, the rights–and you might not even like the screen or the lack of “new book smell”. But I can’t help but shirk the idea that having an eReader would simply encourage me to read more. That’s one little piece of technology I’d love to slink up next to in bed. Rwar.

Droid/iPhone. No, I’m not implying that the Droid will be an iPhone killer. For one thing: just like the Loch Ness Monster and Sasquatch, I don’t believe in iPhone Killers. Not yet, anyway. While I enjoy my iPhone Jr. (my iPod Touch) I can’t help but wish it did more. Though, with the service at AT&T and the many issues with call clarity, I’m certainly willing to give the Droid a chance. It looks sexy, seems to have some great reviews already, and certainly has the apps (and openness) many iPhone users are pining for. Even if the advertisement makes it look a bit like the Eye of Sauron.

Digital Camera. When our son was born a few years ago, we decided to use it as an excuse to get a beautiful Nikon D50. However, it’s become more and more clear as time has gone on that we’re just not using all the bells and whistles for such a great camera. Yeah, we’re thinking of downgrading. Considering all the options in more affordable point-and-click offerings, however, it’s kind of exciting to be on the lookout for a new camera. Particular models we’re considering are the Elph line as well as some of Nikon’s sleeker models.

How about you? Any gearheads and gadget geeks out there with particularly drool worthy wishlists? Go ahead and tell us what makes you go “OMG WANT!” You have full license to go on at length.