V: The First 8 Minutes

V, one of the most awaited Sci-Fi TV series of the year, will begin airing on ABC starting November 3, 2009. In the meantime, here are the first 8 minutes of the intro for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

[Via Korben.info (French)]


7 Responses to V: The First 8 Minutes

  1. Looks awesome, can't wait to see more.

    I've kept up with this show quite a bit. Cloned human skin disguises.

    The only bad thing is that after the first 4 episodes air in November we'll have to wait until after the Olympics to see the rest.

  2. This would be so cool if the original series were bad, but it wasn't, so why are they doing it all over again? I mean, aside from making money…

    • I'd guess aside from making more money, they're also doing it over because us young folk had no idea it was even a remake.

      So umm.. it'll be a trip down memory lane for the old folks, and us young 'uns can enjoy an all-new-to-us series starring a certain former companion from the geek loved show Firefly.

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